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Horror monk
{short description of image} Polgolla resident complains of exorcists exhuming mother’s body
by Cyril Wimalasurendre KANDY — (The Island 18th Aug 2002) A complaint has been lodged at the Katugastota police by a resident of Polgolla that a group of "Kattadiyas" from Matara have exhumed from the grave the body of his mother who died over three months ago. The Katugastota police commenced inquiries into the complaint on Thursday (15).
The complainant was Sunil Jayaweera who has told the Katugastota police that the Kattadiyas who had performed charm to drive away the Bhoothaya from the village Buddhist temple have exhumed the dead body of his mother last Friday night with the knowledge of the chief monk of the temple of the village. (Spotters: Vinod Moonesinghe/Ranil Bibile)
Satellite orbit delay
{short description of image} Odd Spot: No more delays, please [ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka] 19.8.02 Aug 17, Colombo: Some hundreds of poor people who gathered at the Horagolla residence of President Kumaratunga to collect some roofing sheets awaited her arrival for four hours. Finally an aide asked them at 6:30 pm on Friday whether they would like to wait for another hour to meet the President. They all in one voice said no. (Spotter: Ranil Bibile)
Api Private Yanawa!
{short description of image} Rs. 500,000 to treat Saman (Daily Mirror 14-8-2002)
An underworld gang connected to Moratu Saman raised half a million rupees within hours to get its wounded leader admitted to the state-of-the-art Apollo hospital.
Mirigama Police Inspector Dharmasena Ratnayake said two members of the gang had entered the shop of a millionaire businessman in the Mirigama area as he opened his textile shop on Saturday and demanded Rs. 500,000. The terrified businessman had no option but to go to the bank, withdraw the money and hand it over to the gang. The gang had told the businessman that their leader Moratu Saman who was being treated at the National Hospital for gun shot wounds suffered during an attack a month ago wanted to be admitted to Apollo Hospital. The businessman's troubles did not end there. In the same night, robbers broke in to his shop and got away with Rs. 65,000. Upon hearing the news, the man had a heart attack. Police believed that the two incidents were linked.(Sherlock Holmes lives! - Ed) Mirigama police are now looking for the two gangsters of Moratu Saman who is said to be connected to ruling party politicians.
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
Naja naja intelligensis
{short description of image}Odd Spot: Serpent protects culture [ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka] Aug 13, Colombo:
A venomous serpent that had made its home in the stores of the Central Cultural Fund, Colombo, bit a woman employee when she attempted to take some books. While doctors were treating her at the hospital, the other employees started a chase to find the serpent. They could not find it but they found some very valuable books that had been eaten by moths and termites. The serpent had come to eat them.
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
ENT Department
{short description of image}Blow on nose for saying ‘no’
by Chitra Weerarathne(The Island 13th August 2002)
A hotel owner from Kuliyapitiya has complained to the Supreme Court that a police officer from the Kuliyapitiya police station assaulted him hard across his nose, and caused a flow of blood merely because he refused to serve food to a group of police officers after the hotel was closed at 11 p.m. on June 29, 2002.(Abridged)
{short description of image}Complaint to SC of torture at Panadura police
By Chitra Weerarathna (the Island 13th August 2002)
A petitioner from Panadura has complained to the Supreme Court that as a result of the assault he was subjected to at the Panadura police station he had to undergo surgical treatment for his injured nose at the ENT clinic of the National Hospital Colombo. The petitioner had first sought treatment at the Panadura base hospital on July 1, 2002, where an ENT scan was done on him. He had been then shifted to the Kalubowila base hospital and subsequently to the ENT unit of the National Hospital Colombo, where he was surgically treated in the nasal passage.(Abridged)
Spotter: Vinod Moonesinghe
Soft fall
{short description of image}Bus hits lorry and falls soft down injuring 29 KANDY — Twenty nine inclusive of the driver and conductor were injured when a semi-luxury bus of the Matale depot ran off the road and fell into a precipice about fifty feet yesterday morning, Alawathugoda police said.
{short description of image}Bus hits lorry, falls 50 ft. injuring 29 KANDY — Twenty nine inclusive of the driver and conductor were injured when a semi-luxury bus of the Matale depot ran off the road and fell into a precipice about fifty feet yesterday morning, Alawathugoda police said.

Both from The Island 13th August 2002 Spotter: Vinod Moonesinghe

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