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{short description of image} No quota of shoes for three years
Cops to use boot polish as toothpaste to brush teeth?
By Prasad Gunewardene (The Island 7-9-2002)
Policemen below the rank of Sergeant Major complain they have not been given their free official issue of shoes for three years. However, they said they were given boot polish this week though the shoes were still outstanding.
These ranks eligible for a pair of banians per year this week received only one, they said. "Something is wrong somewhere and only those in higher ranks enjoy the privileges," they lamented. Despite this step-motherly treatment, these rankers say that the top brass expected them to be in good looking shoes, socks, clean uniforms and cleaner banians when inspections were held at police stations.
They claimed that repeated requests to get the annual entitlement of the pair of shoes have fallen on deaf ears and the top officers got their quotas regularly to walk on shining shoes. Asked what they would do with the quota of boot polish issued minus the shoes, one constable quipped, "We will have to use it as toothpaste to shine our teeth". Over to you Interior Minister John Amaratunga!
Spotter:Ranil Bibile
No RIP for IGP
{short description of image} Report: Thieves rob grave of late Sri Lankan police chief
Associated Press, Sat September 7, 2002 02:32 EDT . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Thieves appear to have dug up the grave of Sri Lanka - 's police chief, who died last week, and stolen the expensive coffin he was buried in, police and media reports said Saturday. The Daily Mirror said the theft of coffins is not uncommon in Sri Lanka - , a tropical island off India's southern coast. Police blame increasing thefts on rising numbers of drug users and living costs. The price of rice, the staple food of most Sri Lankans, has increased by 30 to 40 percent over the past year.
Spotter:Ranil Bibile
{short description of image} Case against IGP withdrawn

(Daily Mirror 6-9-2002)
A writ application filed in the Court of Appeal by a non governmental organisation challenging the re-employment of Lucky Kodituwakku as Inspector General of Police was withdrawn before Justices Shirani Tilakawardena and P. Wijeratne yesterday. Mr. J. C. Weliamuna appearing for Avadi Lanka said he was (Abridged) This case was withdrawn after his death - Ed
Spotter: Ranil Bibile

Two bricks and a couple of planks!
{short description of image} Bomb threat in bank?
By Sunil Jayasiri (Daily Mirror 30-08-2002)
A man who entered a private bank in Kurunegala and demanding money saying that the parcel he carried contained bombs, was overpowered by the bank staff yesterday.
Police said a person had come to a private bank with parcels and threatened the bank employees to explode it if they failed to pay one million rupees. He also said that he had a remote control to explode the bombs.
After opening the parcels it was discovered that the bags contained two bricks and not bombs, the police said. The suspect also had a pistol which was later identified as a toy one.
Two others who had come in a lorry for this robbery had run away when they found that their partner got caught.
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
man with bricks
Man carrying large bomb to bank...
"The Island" Discovers New Disease!
{short description of image} Rat fever claims two more victims
By our Matara Correspondent (The Island 24-08-2002) (Spotter: Ranil Bibile) K. Magilin from Denagama, Hakmana, died of the deadly 'rat-fever' (mi-una) Leptus Phyrosis (sic - Ed) recently at the Matara hospital bringing the death toll due to deadly rat fever to 10 during the current year. The casualties have increased since the harvesting season of paddy has begun. The latest victim who is 48 years old was a mother of three. She had developed a temperature after working in the paddy field. Meanwhile another death due to rat fever has been reported from Beliatta.The victim A.L. Premararne the father of one child had fallen ill while working in the field.
(When in doubt look up the dickshanary! The word is LEPTOSPIROSIS! - Ed)
Offensive Police Headgear
{short description of image} Sergeant’s fatal abuse of helmet on tottering man’s head to be probed
by Norman Palihawadane (The Island 24-08-2002) (Spotter: Ranil Bibile)
Interior Minister John Amaratunga has directed a special investigation into the death of a person who had been reportedly assaulted by a police sergeant attached to Sapugaskanda police with a helmet, police sources said.
According to the post mortem report submitted to courts by Colombo Assistant Judicial Medical Officer, Dr. Arhak, the death of this person identified as Sunil Gratien, a resident of Pamunuwila had been caused by internal bleeding into the brain from a fractured skull.
When contacted, DIG, Western Division, Pathmasiri Liyanage said the deceased had been assaulted for no reason whatsoever. But he added that according to the police the deceased had been under the influence of liquor at that time. The police sergeant had asked him why he was tottering and whether drunkeaness was the reason for his tottering. The deceased had replied that if he had money he could drink and asked why anybody should worry about that. The police sergeant who was furious over this reply had assaulted him on the head with the helmet. The sergeant in question had been produced in courts and ordered to be remanded, police sources said.
Honeymoon Interruptus
{short description of image} Police seize Rs. 2.8m stolen jewellery
by Panadura group correspondent, Kapila Somaratna (24-8-02) Spotter: Vinod Moonesinghe
Nittambuwa police raided a pawn broker's jewellery shop at Kehelwatta, Panadura and seized Rs. 2.8 million worth of jewellery robbed by an armed gang from a millioner's house at Horagolla recently.
The raid was conducted by Chief Inspector, Athula Lewangama with special police party on information provided by a suspect.
When the police party reached Panadura, Kehelwatte they received information that the owner of the jewellery shop had married on the previous day and had gone for the honeymoon.
The police party went in search of the hotel the owner of the jewellery shop at Kehelwatta spending the honeymoon. The police met him and explained the situation. The owner came along with the police and handed over the Rs. 2.8 million worth jewellery which he brought from a suspect who is in custody.(Any news about the bride? - Ed)

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