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Elephant had no tail light!
{short description of image} Sri Lankan bus driver hits elephant after failing to see it
Monday, 23-Sep-2002 COLOMBO, Sept 23 (AFP) - A Sri Lankan driver claimed his bus hit an elephant walking along the road because he could not see the huge beast, a press report here said Monday. The state-run Daily News said the accident last week in a Colombo suburb underscored poor driving standards in the country and in an editorial urged the authorities to investigate the issuing of driving licences. The elephant was being taken to a temple to take part in a Buddhist pageant when it was hit from behind by the private bus, the Daily News said, adding that it would take several months for the bruises to heal. "Is a person who cannot see an elephant on the road fit to drive a vehicle? " the Daily News asked. "And can we find the officer who gave this gentleman a driving licence?"
Police go for tarts!
{short description of image} West Indies blast Sri Lanka police over women-in-room row
COLOMBO, SEP 23 (AFP) West Indies manager Rickey Skerritt today accused Sri Lankan police bodyguards of "high-handed and authoritative" behaviour after a move to crack down on women entering hotel rooms of players. Skerritt's lawyers, in a letter to a local newspaper which today published a report of a police complaint, said that "interested parties" were trying to "sully the good name of our client". Police had said in a letter to the International Cricket Council (ICC) that three women were found in the rooms of Skerritt and his computer operator, Garfield Smith, in violation of the strict ICC access control rules. Spotter: Ranil Bibile
First Tigers, then elephants, now hornets..
{short description of image}Wild jumbos trash Sri Lanka police amid Tiger truce
COLOMBO, Sept 23 (AFP) - Six people were injured when wild elephants stormed a police station in Sri Lanka, officials said Monday. The elephants damaged walls of the building at an outpost in the north-central Anuradhapura district on Saturday, a regional police official said. He said four constables and two civilians were wounded as they tried to escape the rampaging animals. "The rumpus had upset hornets and most of the victims had been stung very badly and are now in hospital," he said. Police in the area used to be on alert against possible attacks by the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
JMO killed by falling tree!
{short description of image} Felled tree kills him
By D.W. Wijayapala (Daily News 23 Sept 2002)
A tree cutter died as a result of a tree he was cutting with his brother falling on him, Karapitiya hospital sources said. The victim is G.H. Saman Jayasekera (32) of Meetiyagoda, Batapola Pollewwa. His brother G.H. Anil Jayasekera (35) giving evidence at the inquest conducted at the Karapitiya hospital by coroner, B.G.N. Karunatillake said: " the deceased is my younger brother, he lived alone in the ancestral house as a bachelor. We cut trees together to earn a living, on the day of the incident we were cutting a big tree while we were dragging the tree it slanted to our side and we ran away. However my brother fell down and could not get away from the dangerous area and the tree fell on him".
The victim was taken to Batapola hospital and transferred to Karapitiya hospital where he died five days later.
Judicial Medical officer Rohan Ruwanpura who conducted the post mortem returned a verdict of death due to serious injuries in the brain caused as a result of the tree he was cutting falling on him.
Spotter: Vinod Moonesinghe
Not all at sea! or "Have wheels, will sail"
{short description of image} Odd Spot: Navy has 11 ships but boss has 22 official cars
[ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka] Sept 21, Colombo: The Sri Lanka Navy has only 11 ships but its commander Vice Admiral Daya Sandagiri, who got a three year extension recently, has 22 official vehicles. He has four bullet proof vehicles including two Mercedes Benzes. Insiders say he had imported a car for nearly Rs. 70 million when the approved limit for service commanders was less than half of that.
Fussy eater or Army man scores Bull's Eyes!
{short description of image} Odd Spot: Transfer over Halal beef
[ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka] Sept 20, Colombo: A senior military officer has been warned and transferred by his superior in the north for failure to supply enough Halal beef for a minister who visited the peninsula. The officer had secured five kilos of beef by sending a soldier from Jaffna to Colombo. The commander who effected the transfer is said to possess peculiar food habits. He wants bananas without any patches on the skin. He also wants bull's eyes with the full circle intact. Even if a small tear is seen, the bull's eye is thrown straight into the face of the cook. To prevent this, the cook makes at least 25 bull's eyes to select the one without tears.
Sartorial elegance
{short description of image}TO MAKE HISTORY: Ministers G.L. Peiris, Rauf Hakeem and Milinda Moragoda at Katunanayaka Airport prior to flying to Bangkok yesterday for the first round of negotiations with the LTTE. The fourth member of the delegation, Ambassador Bernard Goonetilleka is partially covered in the rear. (Sunday Observer 15th Sept 2002)
(As our corr. Vinod Moonesinghe says standard of dress seems to have dropped. Mullah Hakeem is tieless and wearing an odd combination of jacket and trousers. The other blokes are jacketless and the caption informs us that the Ambassador chap is "partially covered in the rear"! Shocking! - Ed)
sartorial elegance
No love at first flight...?
{short description of image} First flight failure
by Anton Nonis (Sunday Observer 15th Sept 2002)
The much heralded first flight to Jaffna by the country's newest airline ended in fiasco due to the airline's own failure to obtain landing rights at Palali Airport. Media people invited for the inaugural flight to Jaffna could only get on to the tarmac at Palali before the flight had to return to Colombo. Since the new airline, Serendib Airlines, did not have landing rights, the passenger on board the first flight could not pass through the terminal at Palali in order to proceed with their tour of Jaffna.
Airline officials who explained this to the frustrated media contingent, said that Serendib had not been able to obtain landing rights from the SLAF on time because the initial procedure of registering the airline with the Civil Aviation Department. Airline officials admitted that the registration delay was due to their own mismanagement of the documentation.
The reporters and camera crews who went on this abortive trip had to be content with a free lunch and cocktails dished out by the airline back in Colombo. (Spotter: Vinod Moonesinghe)

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