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{short description of image} AMBALANGODA:(THE ISLAND 17 July 2001) As Ambalangoda is a 100 per cent Buddhist town, the UC Chairman, M.W. Aruna Pradeep has decided to abstain from opening beef and chicken stalls at the new market complex. Although the UC called for tenders twice no one has responded. Ambalangoda YMBA has also requested the Chairman to abstain from opening up beef stalls in the new market complex. It is also said that the reason for abstaining from tendering for beef and chicken stalls by businessmen is that the fish mongers at the market do not like to have beef or chicken stalls there as there would be steep competition for the sale of meat and fish.
Contributed by Vinod Moonesinghe.
Own goal.
{short description of image} Bribery decoy arrested In Grandpass, Colombo. An official trying to trap a policeman suspected of taking bribes was arrested by the policeman himself. The policeman was offered Rs. 10,000 to release a Tamil terrorist suspect.
(Lanka Chronicle www.lankachronicle.com July 17 2001)
Off license!
{short description of image} Police inspector guilty of harassing woman.
By Laila Nasry (Sunday Times) July 15 2001. An inspector of the Moratuwa Police was ordered to pay Rs. 50,000 as compensation and Rs. 5,000 as costs before September 28, by the Supreme Court on Thursday in a fundamental rights application alleging arbitrary arrest. The petitioner, Layangani Mangalika Kolugala, a housewife was arrested on March 13, 2000 by Inspector J.T. Somaratne of the Moratuwa Police on the grounds that women cannot transport liquor and are liable to be locked up in a cell.
(I bet the good inspector wanted to get his hands on the booze and the tart. A natural instinct! Among police officers..and..er...- Ed.)
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