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There is Gold in them Ayurvedic medicines!
{short description of image}Golden discovery by enterprising executive
by Bharatha Malawaraarachchi (Daily News 16-10-2002)
The enterprise of a senior executive at the Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drug Corporation had led to the discovery of a stock of gold which had gone missing from the corporation's inventories for nearly one decade. However, this 24 karat gold sheets weighing 100 pounds had been lying in the vault of a state bank with no one in the corporation aware of its existence, says Ranjith Gunawardena, the Corporation's Project Director who made the investigation. The revelation of its existence came by a chance encountered between Gunawardena and a friend who happened to be a former employee of the particular bank. This friend happened to recall the corporation storing this gold in the bank vault.
The gold sheets had been purchased by the Corporation in the early 1980s for the use of manufacturing auyrvedic drugs." But over the years, this has been forgotten by everyone and there was no trace about this in any file in the corporation." says Gunawardena.
While perusing files, Gunawardena came to know that there was no document at the corporation in support of his future discovery but continued his search with the approval of the board of directors. When Gunawardena inspected the particular bank, he found that there was no keys to the vault. " It seems the man who was in charge of the keys had failed to hand them back." When the vaults were finally opened, the gold sheets weighing 96.5 pounds were discovered. "The balance may have been used for drugs manufacture." added Gunawardena.
Sergeant Married To Tree!
{short description of image} Irked residents tie sergeant to a tree
(The Island 11-10-2002) An army sergeant who was said to have behaved in a suspicious manner at Mirusuvil, Jaffna had been cornered by residents of the area and tied to a tree. Complaints regarding the behaviour of this army sergeant near several houses in the area had been made to the army authorities. However after senior officers of the army held cordial discussions with the residents of the area the sergeant had been released. Military police is conducting further investigations. This incident has been confirmed by army spokesman Brig. Sanath Karunaratne (NP)
Spotter: A-R Saleem
{short description of image} Sri Lanka has highest number of alcohol consumers in world - Dr. Sisira Kodagoda
from Nandaratna Rajapaksa, Ambalangoda Central special correspondent (Daily News 9th Oct 2002)
Sri Lanka has achieved a position as the country which has the highest number of alcohol consumers in the world. Problems of alcoholism have reached such gigantic proportions that official statistics in 1999 confirmed that for every one lakh of persons in Sri Lanka 25,000 people had sought medical or surgical treatment for cirrhosis of the liver, said Dr. Sisira Kodagoda, President of the Sri Lanka Temperance Federation at a function held to mark the World Temperance Day, October 3 at Southlands Balika Vidyalaya, Galle.(Shura Merya...etc - Ed)
Spotter: Kumaran
{short description of image}Threat to Sandy Dam (Daily News 9th Oct 2002)
A Sandy Dam built along the bank of the Ginganga by the Chinese engineers to prevent annual inundations in the Baddegama area is now facing danger. This is due to the illegal removal of sand by the Dam using Backo Machines by some influential groups. People of the area said that, the quantity of sand removed daily is more than 300 cubes. "No doubt, the Dam will be surely burst-open shortly", they said. They questioned, why there is no responsible authority to control this situation.(Because the Responsible Authority is probably responsible! - Ed)
Spotter: Vinod Moonesinghe
Mothers Wielding Umbrellas Cause Teenage Love Setback
{short description of image} One-shot umbrella attack claims life of youth (The Island 9th Oct 2002)
By Lionel Adhikari, Attanagalla A one-shot umbrella attack launched by a woman on a 26-year-old youth cost the life of the youth in an incident over a love affair at Pingollawatte, Nittambuwa on Sunday. The deceased was identified as A. S. Asanka Sumanadasa.
The suspect woman’s teenage daughter was reported to have been in love with the brother of the deceased. The girl who had gone for a private tuition class had failed to return home as scheduled. Angered over the delay, her mother accompanied by her brother had stormed the home of the boy friend to inquire whether she had gone with the boy. An argument had erupted between the two parties and the boy friend’s mother had assaulted the girl’s brother with an ekel broom.
In turn the girl’s mother had launched an umbrella attack on the forehead of her daughter’s boy friend’s brother who had collapsed. Police said that it could be the first death recorded by a single shot attack by an umbrella. The couple had not returned to their homes even up to Monday, Nittambuwa police said. The girl’s mother and the brother were arrested......
Spotters: Vinod Moonesinghe/Kumaran
Bookies and Tarts play cricket (?) against Police
{short description of image} Sunday September 29, 1:33 PM Players beat police in corruption battle COLOMBO (AFP) - Crooked players backed by prostitutes and sign language experts have beaten Sri Lankan police in the battle against match fixing during the ICC Champions trophy tournament, officials said.
The anti-corruption unit of the International Cricket Council (ICC) held a meeting with police here to review the security measures at the tournament ending here Sunday, but the prognosis was not good, officials said Sunday.
Police units had not bargained to battle women invited into the rooms of players in violation of the ICC's strict "access control" regulations aimed at ensuring that they did not come into contact with bookies. "The players had got wise to the police operation and they were giving the slip to guards deployed at the team hotel," a police official said.
"Tackling the problem of women friends of players was a big problem." Police guards were deployed to escort players from the dressing room up to the boundary line to ensure they did not have a chance to exchange notes with book keepers and fix matches.
However, a top police source said they suspected some players were using "sign language" to communicate with representatives of bookies at the stands located near the dressing rooms. "They could use their own cricket gear to pass messages to bookies," the police source said. "A batsman could show pad and that would indicate how he intends to get out -- with an LBW -- and for the bookies that information can be turned into cash."
Bravery a la Sri Lankan youth
{short description of image} School boys attack lady principal Seven female students injured
By Senaka de Silva and Kurulu Kariyakarawana (Daily Mirror 24-Sept-2002)
The principal and seven students of Thakshila Maha Vidyalaya in Gampaha were seriously injured when about 200 students of nearby Bandaranaike Maha Vidyalaya stormed the Thakshila class rooms and attacked the girls yesterday morning.
Gampaha police said BMV students were alleged to have regularly teased and harassed the Thakshila girls before, prompting the Thakshila principal to make a strong complaint to the BMV principal.
Apparently angered by this complaint, the BMV students had launched yesterday's mob attack.
The BMV students armed with knives and rods allegedly smashed up the windows and doors and caused extensive damage to school equipment of Thakshila Vidyalaya during their rampage, police said.
The assailants had also attacked panic-stricken girls and one group turned on the principal, attacking her with a sharp weapon. The principal and three girls were admitted to hospital with serious injuries.
A section of the mob maintained a barrage of stone-throwing on the Thakshila building while their frontliners attacked the girls.
Spotter: Ranil Bibile

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