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Practice run for circumcision?
Nurse cut off infant's fingertip, allege parents
by Hemantha Dep (Daily News 28-5-2005)
Parents of an infant, born at the De Soyza Maternity Hospital, lodged a complaint at Borella Police yesterday against a nurse who had allegedly cut off a fingertip of the child while removing a plaster in the little finger, police said. The infant's parents from Jaya Mawatha, Wellampitiya lodged the complaint at Borella Police against the nurse who allegedly cut off the infant's fingertip on May 19, five days after she was born.
Train Busts Shitting Man's Arse!
A drunk's folly
by Florence Wickramage (Daily News 19-10-2004)
Undergoing treatment at the Accident Ward of the National Hospital in Colombo is Shirley Edward Perera (50) of Jumma Masjid Road Borella who had been knocked down by a train on October 6 at around 8 at night.
According to Perera he had been returning with a friend after attending a party at Veragodella, Dematagoda. They had been walking along the railway track. He admitted that he had taken liquor at the party.
While proceeding along Perera had sat down by the railway track to answer a call of nature totally unaware that a train was approaching from the Veyangoda side.
On seeing the oncoming train his friend had shouted to warn him by which time it had been too late, for the cow-catcher of the train had knocked Perera on the waist.
He is presently undergoing treatment in the Accident Ward for a broken hip-bone and leg.
Elephant Steals Bicycle
Elephant Bicycle accident
(Infolanka quoting SLBC)13-Oct-2004
A rare accident involving a wild elephant and a cyclist is reported from Urewa in Padaviya. Farmer and his son were cycling home after his evening bath when an elephant crossed the track in a hurry.
Then elephant collided with the bicycle and the riders were thrown away resulting in injury to the farmer. Son escaped injury and doing well. Bicycle got entangled in the foot of the elephant and was dragged on to the forest, which was later found by villagers
Monks Torture Monks Shock!
News Wire (11-10-2004)Talatuoya
A layman and 3 men in robes were taken into custody and granted police bail for allegedly abducting a monk of Dambawela Buddhist Centre in Talatuoya police Division, disrobed, tortured and deserted him in a desolate place.
They are to appear before Courts on October 14. Therapaha Sarana, Galkatipola Somarathana and Galkotuwa Pannasena were the men in robes and the layman a trishaw driver Ajith Kumara Ratnayake.
The victim had ordained himself as Ethulgama Somaratna and lived in a Pansala he built in his village Athulgama. According to him he had resorted to that move to save Buddhism from evangelists.
The monks in neighbouring villages, unable to tolerate his actions, had allegedly tortured him . Sources said that the people in the area had staged a protest after the above incident. Further inquiries are being conducted by Talatuoya Police.

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