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BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARGAS! Highlights of the Battle of Colombo 2001
{short description of image} Sri Lanka ouster bid ends in blood and teargas Jul 19 2001 17:27 IST COLOMBO, July 19 (AFP) - Teargas engulfed Sri Lanka's capital Thursday as police fought pitched battles with opposition activists calling for the ouster of President Chandrika Kumaratunga's minority government.

EXPLANATORY NOTE: The following excerpts are from the main news story from AFP on the 19th of July. If you don't believe us the original article can be found through the links on this page. We have just taken the crazy bits (verbatim) and added our own headlines and of course our editorial shmart arshe comments!...

{short description of image} THE COLOUR MATTERS
"Sri Lanka has never seen so much teargas fired within such a short period of time," said opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe who was hit on his left shoulder (not the Right shoulder!-Ed) by a blue gas canister. (Note the colour of the canister: Not Red, not Yellow, not Green but ..-Ed)

{short description of image} RETURN TO SENDER! ADDRESS UNKNOWN!
Young men grabbed teargas canisters and threw them back at police who ran for cover in many places. "It was like a cat and mouse game," said opposition legislator P. Dayaratne. "Every step we took, we were attacked with teargas and rubber bullets. But the teargas was being returned to sender in most places."

{short description of image} BATTLE OF PUNCHI BORELLA (Again!?)
Despite the overnight police ban on the rally, the main opposition assembled thousands of supporters at Colombo's Punchi Borella area and held an impromptu meeting just outside a Buddhist temple. (Punchi Borella is of course the traditional battle ground of medical students! See MadPage-Ed)

{short description of image} FRAU HITLER!? Complete with moustache?
"Hitler was in a bunker, Sri Lanka's Frau Hitler is hiding in a palace and running scared," opposition leader Wickremesinghe said, vowing to keep up anti-government demonstrations until she agreed to recall parliament. (Somehow, "Heil Chandrika!" doesn't sound the same as "Heil Adolf!".....-Ed)

{short description of image} IT ALL ENDS IN TEARS!
"We did not go out to see the rally because of the police shooting," said retired civil servant W.W. Gunaratne at Colombo's Maligawatte apartment complex. "But we are all in tears."

As promised, here is the original AFP news story{short description of image}

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