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Would anyone like a crocodile steak?
{short description of image} Missing croc, dead elephant spark mystery at Sri Lanka zoo
COLOMBO, March 22 (AFP) - Sri Lankan authorities are investigating how an elephant hide ended up hidden in a zoo cupboard, and why a crocodile carcass has gone missing, officials said Thursday.
The chance discovery of the elephant hide at the National Zoological Gardens was made as police were investigating the alleged disappearance of a crocodile carcass from a freezer, a zoo official told AFP.
We had a complaint that a dead crocodile had disappeared from a freezer, a spokesman said. But now we are trying to find out how and why the crocodile got into the fridge in the first place because we dont preserve dead animals. He said while combing the vast premises for the dead crocodile, investigators stumbled (presumably, literally!-Ed) on the giant hide of an elephant.
But the find disturbed the authorities as no elephants have died recently at the zoo and the presence of the hide could not be explained.
Authorities suspect they may have stumbled on a smuggling racket selling valuable skins even though dead animals are supposed to be cremated.
Hora Polis or Polis Hora?
{short description of image} Policeman accomplice in Thihagoda jail break?
News, The Island 27 July 2001
By Shamindra Ferdinando
Police investigating last Sunday's jail break at Thihagoda where two Special Forces personnel and a commando held in connection with several killings and a series of robberies escaped sawing the iron bars of their cell at the Thihagoda police station, believe a policeman could have supplied them with hacksaw blades.
The Land of the Blind (1)...?
{short description of image} A huge sunspot visible to the naked eye
ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka April 2, Colombo: A gigantic dark sunspot about 13 times bigger than the surface area of the earth is now visible to the naked eye towards the westward edge of the sun giving a awesome seen. (sic) Dr. Chandana Jayaratne, Senior Lecturer in Physics, University of Colombo said that with the increase of solar activity once in every 11 years, this is something that we expected towards the end of last year or in the beginning of this year. Dr. Jayaratne said that though this is very rare opportunity, never look at the sun directly as it will damage the eyes. {short description of image}Complete story , word for word!
HITLER OR BUDDHA? Another own goal!?
{short description of image} Nazi Swastika backfires on UNP (LankaWeb - 23/07/01)
In the very first attempt the rumour mill print media of UNP, put up posters all over the city showing the Swastika. It was a warning of the dangers of Nazi type fascism. Many of these swastika posters were pasted directly below the face of the President on PA posters. It was a build up to Ranil Wickremasinghe's calling the President "Hitler Mathini" (Madam Hitler) on Thursday. But this swastika weapon boomeranged very badly on those who organized it. What they had put up was not the Nazi swastika, it was the traditional Asian Swastika, which is symbol of blessing in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

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