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Thatcher at large!
{short description of image} Blackout: Whose fault?
The Island Monday 30th July, 2001 The Ceylon Electricity Company Limited (LECO) yesterday blamed the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) for the unannounced power cut which plunged the Sri Jayewardenepura, Kotte area into darkness last Friday.
(It is very definitely the fault of a deranged woman by the name of Margaret Thatcher who privatised everything in Britain including British Rail! Different companies use the same tracks and the same stations with predictable chaos. Lots of other countries decided to do the same, unfortunately! - Ed)
And the band played on....(Nava gilunath band choon!)
{short description of image} They are not shell-shocked, the bands are still playing
By Nirupama Subramanian COLOMBO, JULY 28.
Did someone say religion is the opiate of the masses? In Sri Lanka, make that cricket. As hosts Sri Lanka played India for the second time in the current one-day triangular cricket series, there was no evidence to show that only four days ago, the country had been plunged into yet another crisis with the LTTE attack on the Katunayake airbase and the adjoining Bandaranaike International Airport. The stadium was not as packed as it was during the last India-Sri Lanka encounter, when the Indians caved in for their second defeat in a row, but this had less to do with the destruction of half the national carrier's Airbus fleet and a significant number of the Air Force's deadly Kfir fighters planes, than with the fact that the outcome of this match would not affect Sri Lanka's fortunes in the triangular. The thin crowd notwithstanding, the bands played the baila with gay abandon, beer flowed unceasingly and at the afternoon drinks break, the only cloud on the horizon seemed to be that India, at 142 for 2 to Sri Lanka's total score of 183, might actually win the match. (The Hindu Sunday, July 29, 2001)
The Land of the Blind (2)
{short description of image} Island Capers The Island Saturday 28th July, 2001
The ‘Daily News’ on Thursday set a new benchmark for howlers when it reported that a blind man was "admiring and appreciating the scenic beauty, ancient monuments and places of historical and cultural value in Sri Lanka". The paper on page three under the headline "Europe’s first blind Mayor spends honeymoon in Sri Lanka" gave not just column space to relate the experiences of the honeymooning couple, but also sight to the blind Mayor. In the story the Mayor says that his blindness was never an obstacle to enjoying the beauty of the country, but it would be to stretch the point too far to say that he was "admiring and appreciating the country’s scenic beauty". But then the elasticity of the papers imagination has never come under question. (Touché! - Ed)

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