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{short description of image} Penalty for contempt of court
Daily NewsTuesday, 31 July 2001
Ratnapura District Judge P. Wijesinghe imposed a fine of Rs. 1500 and a sentence of one year's rigorous imprisonment on an accused, Kandiya Subramaniam who pleaded guilty to a charge of contempt of court, by being drunk, in the court house, in session. The Medical Officer, Ratnapura Hospital had reported the suspect, drunk after examination. (sic - Ed)
{short description of image} Intruders in port remanded till Aug. 14
by Kalinga Weerakkody. The Island Saturday 11th August, 2001.
The two suspects who entered the premises of the Sri Lanka Port Authority (SLPA) in a hearse had been remanded till August 14 after they were produced before the Magistrate last week for the second time. (Were the two suspects in a coffin? - Ed)
The security at the second check point were able to track down the hearse and the two suspects had confessed that they were unable to find their route.
{short description of image} Unhygienic egg hoppers
(Naturally! Why eat something that comes out of the back end of a hen? Sobering thought! - Ed)
The Island Wednesday 08th August, 2001 Opinion
Egg hoppers are a common feature in our menus today. I have watched this procedure of making egg hoppers so often which prompts me to write this letter. About 96 percent of those baking egg hoppers use unclean and unhygienic eggs as they are not washed clean and dried before using. The bigger hotels and better restaurants are the 4percent which use clean eggs. In nature, the hens excreta dried and in many hues, clings on to the shell. In the process of cracking the egg over the hopper pan the dried excreta falls on to the hopper (Yuk!- Ed) along with the yellow of the egg, etc. The common man does not know what diseases are caused by this. As there are thousands of places baking egg hoppers daily like this, the health authorities would do well to look into this soon.
Arthur Morawaka, Ratmalana.
It's a long, long way to Italy
{short description of image} Italy dream ends in Negombo
ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka August 05, Colombo: Around 100 illegal Sri Lankan immigrants on their way to Italy have been taken into custody. The Navy says the two boats carrying the Sri Lankans were arrested in the deep seas off the coast of Negombo at dawn today.

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